Foreign Degree Credential Evaluation For H1B Visa

Who Needs It?

Professional Work Experience Evaluation for Students & H1B Visas

Education with Work Experience or Professional Work Experience Evaluation

This report combines education and work experience to establish a bachelor's or master's equivalence.

This evaluation provides a Document report for the years of education and verified work experience. Education and Work Experience or Work only evaluations follow the Immigration rules to use work experience to add to incomplete university work, or replace university work, or add to a bachelor's degree to result in a higher degree.

Education with Work Experience Evaluations is used for:

  • Immigration – Filing H1-B Applications, Answering RFE’s or NOID’s etc. with USCIS.
  • Employment - Information Technology.
  • Education - High School/College/University Admissions, Higher studies at various institutions in US

Documents Required:

Degree or Diploma's along with all the Transcripts or marksheets and Certificates.

Experience letters from all the previous employers, clearly mentioning the dates worked, job duties performed and the skill sets

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