Foreign Degree Credential Evaluation For H1B Visa

Who Needs It?

Detailed Educational Evaluation (Course by Course)

Course-by-course Evaluation or Detailed Educational Evaluation:

States the US equivalence for each credential (degree, diploma, certificate or transcript of record) submitted for evaluation

Gives the years of attendance and location of the institution

Provides a brief description of the program which includes the admission requirements and normative duration of study

Provides a short profile of the institution and its accreditation status

Provides a list of subjects studied

Converts lecture/laboratory/practical hours into semester credit hours

Converts grades into US grades

Calculates a grade point average (GPA)

Course-by-Course evaluations are used for:

  • Immigration - H1-B, LCA, I-140, Green Card etc.
  • Employment - Information Technology, Engineering, Accounting etc
  • Education - High School/College/University Admissions, Higher studies at various institutions in the US
  • Licensing - With various professional, technical and medical boards in the US

Documents Required:

Degree or Diploma's along with all the Transcripts or mark sheets and Certificates and the grades showing for each course attended.

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