Foreign Degree Credential Evaluation For H1B Visa

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Report on Equivalency
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We prepare reports on international education in order to establish
the US equivalency for individuals who have studied outside the United States.


What We Do ?

United Transcripts Evlauators. provides evaluation services of foreign degree, certificates, transcripts and work experience. Our evaluation reports detail the U.S. education equivalency of credentials earned in other countries.

Our customizable services guarantee that your institution will receive an evaluation based on your admission requirements. We also have experience in H1B RFE solutions with qualified professors who can offer expert opinion letters, specialty occupation and work experience services for immigration purposes.

Our reports are accepted by hundreds of colleges and universities. With over 10 years of service under our belt, our reports are used for immigration, education, employment, professional licensing, and teacher certification purposes.

We are members of NACES: National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).

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What We Offer ?

Why do you need to have your credentials evaluated ?

Our reports are used for US Education, Employment, Immigration.

Why Evaluation For H1B Visa ?

The H1B Visa Program has been created by the US Government to fill a gap resulting in there not being sufficient domestic workers available to meet the need for specialty occupations. The determination of if an alien qualifies for the H-1B visa is based on the USCIS examining the education background of the alien applicant.

The process involves the alien providing evidence that the education background is sufficient to meet the H1B requirement. If the alien has received a degree outside of the United States, the applicant has to include an education credential along with the H1B application to avoid latter hurdles like “RFE or Denial” However, New USCIS policy makes it easier to refuse visa applications without RFE from 09/11/2018 so applicants must include the education evaluation to increase chances of getting the visa approval.

The education credential evaluation requires a review of the degree(s) and background of the alien wishing to obtain the H1B visa. The alien has to provide evidence that she or he holds a 4 year bachelor or higher degree that is equivalent to a US accredited degree. This degree can be from a US accredited institution. If the degree received from the non US educational institution is for 3 years of study, the alien can submit evidence that the alien worked for at least 3 years in the field that can be counted as one year of education. It is also essential that the alien show that she or he meets any license or regulatory requirement to be able to contact that type of work in the State where the H1B work is located.

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